Walk In Prosperi-T!

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

•Did you know there are supernatural keys to the Heavens and Universe storehouses? That God has waiting on us, to activate. These keys, you will be able to manifest in the earth realm. The only way you can possess these keys are through faith, worship, adoration, gratitude, meditation, declaration, and action. •Heavenly realms are opened right now, that contain provision, strategies, and abundance of knowledge of information. This is what we call a Kingdom cyanotype (photographic blueprint). We have to speak and decree every day into our lives, whatever it is we need, want, and desire God to manifest, he will manifest it. When we focus on Jesus, his kingdom abilities, and authority, we can accomplish anything. •We have to step, leap, and position ourselves in the supernatural realm, in order to obtain, take ownership, and grasp the kingdom wealth overflow, that God design for us. When we worship God, in spirit, with a clear mind, and in truth, it releases a kingdom outline and dialogue that is full of information. Somewhat, like the matrix when it had all the formulas, codes, and symbols on it. It was the prescript of how Neo and everyone else life was designed day to day. #IAmARuby #IAmARuby30for30 #GodInMeRealm #REWOP #publisher #advertisements #PropellingintotheExospheres #JubileeJune #inspiration #motivation #life #universe #wealth #wisdom #miracles #quantumleap #millionairemindset #uplifting #entrepreneur #socialmedia #millionaire #God #faith #prosperity #abundance


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