Our Royal Platinum Staff LeaderShifters!

Chief Apostle Teyshana Wiley: (C.E.O. Founder, Overseer, and Senior Pastor) Oversee all of the Ministries, Staff/LeaderSHIFTERS, All schools, University, Businesses, Online Radio, Online Clothing line, much more, for I Am A Ruby Network Global Organization.

Chief Apostle C. Boatwright (Executive Overseer) Assist Apostle Teyshana Oversee all of the Ministries. Founder and Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Ministries International. 

Pastor Syanika Porter: Senior Pastor of I Am A Ruby Network Florida Global. Assistant Pastor of I Am A Ruby Network Global. Senior Administrator for I Am A Ruby, Supervisor for Alumni Association for the Global organization. Grant Committee, Funding, Workshops, Founder of Godly Counsel Ministries, and much more.

Pastor (Mother) Pat Mabrey: Assistant Pastor of I Am A Ruby Network Global.

Head Mother of the Mothers Board. President Prophetic Intercessory Team, Founder of Blessings From Heaven Ministries, Supervisor of Health and Wellness class, and much more.

Apostle Trina Davis: Superintendent of entire Ministerial Staff/LeaderSHIFTERS. Assistant Administrator for I Am A Ruby Global Network. Co-Asst Pastor of I Am A Ruby Network Florida Global. Dean of Students for all PRU and all Ministerial Schools. Founder of Living in God Love Ministries International. Online Magazine Supervisor/Newsletter, blog posts, Grant Committee, Funding, Workshops, and much more. 

Prophetess Irene Jones: Supervisor of Prophetic Flow Counselor, Assistant of the Prophetic Intercessory Team, Writer for I Am A Ruby Online Magazine, and much more.

Prophetess Lapresha Alexander: Superintendent of Timothy Generation, Superintendent of The Precious Anointed Ministries, Apostle Teyshana Armor Bearer, and much more.

Superintendent Prophetess Dominique Smith: Asst. President of the Timothy Generation, Co-Asst. of Magazine Team, Superintendent of Rose of the Garden Ministry, Prophetic Intercessory Team, Praise and Worship, and much more.

Evangelist Bobie Smith: Evangelistic Team, Prophetic Intercessory Team, workshops, and much more

Pastor Enoc Chacha: International Pastor and Senior Pastor/Founder of I Am A Ruby International 

Pastor (Mother) Gail Kitty Weeks: Mother on the Mothers Board, Workshops, Founder of Tap into the Heart of God Ministry, and much more

Evangelist LaTanya Lloyd: Asst. Evangelistic Counselor, Love and Action Resources Counselor, Financial Resources, Workshops, and much more.

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