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•The same way Queen Esther found Favor in the sight of King Xerxes, he said to her “What do you want, Queen Esther? What is your request? What is your desire? What is your petition? I will give it to you, even if it is half of the kingdom and half of everything I own. It shall be given unto you!”(Esther 5:3)

• Is the same way God, are opening up the Floodgates, windows, doors, portals, hatchways, highways, cracks, crevices, and every landscape to Heaven on my behalf. I know God, you will give me what I want, need, and desire. Because you said SO, and It is written. I am one of God's chosen, I am a Champion who wins every battle set before me. I am the Essence of God Miracles, Manifestations, I am Monublissfully Favored, I am Marvelous ministries, Miraculous power, Blessings, and Demonstrations in the Earth realm. Greatness is my Status of the day on God's Social Media Network, he owns everything.

I spoke a word, it is SO, it shall BE, It is Good, not one word will fall to the ground, it is manifesting right now these words are Living and Active in my life, sharper than a double edge sword, they penetrate in every area of my life Now in the name of Jesus. The Seven Dimensions of Heaven is Releasing these words right now in my Life. It sealed by the Lord REDPRINT, in Jesus name I pray Amen.(SELAH, Pause, think, and Meditate on that) Now back to our regular schedule broadcast.

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