Purpose Meet's Decisions!

Shhhh, Listen! It is your Purpose, and it is calling you, from the inward phone line, for you to walk in the Heavenly realms; that will connect you to your Destiny. When they hook up, and make a connection, nothing but Abundance, Prosperity, Shalom, Good Health, Wealth, and Unlimited doors opening up for you from the beginning unto the end... Are you going to answer the phone, and follow the instructions given from Purpose? #PlatinumRubyHair

Are you ready to play UNO(Unlimited New Overflow) and Posses your WILD(Wisdom is Liberty Daily) card? ( Read Ecclesiastes 7:8 ) #PropelKingdomDimensionBible

Life is a HUGE(Having Unlimited Gift's Empowerment) Rainbow!

#IAmARuby #REWOP #GodInMeRealm #MayillionaireMillennium

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