Propel News Declaration for June!

Propel News Flash: Say this with me..... Every, sec, min, hour, I am walking in the Manifestation Power, Miracles, and Supernatural Frequency of God. Yes, the Phone is about to ring, Unexplainable Breakthroughs and Prophetic promises are about to take place in my life. Overflow, Excellence, and Divine Healing Virtue Anointing are about to take place this day. I am walking in the F.O.G.(Favor of God). I am being led by a new G.P.S.(God's Prosperity Success). Wealth, Riches, Abundance, and Transactions shall be in my houses this whole month of June(Ps 112:3). It begins right now, I speak to every dry place to LIVE(Leap In Victory Every-day) and Flourish in the name of Jesus. It is Raining Miracles in my life. Surely as the Lord God of Israel Lives who I serve, rain, dew, deposits, mailbox blessings, swift recovery,healing, breakthroughs, forgiveness, and restoration shall happen, because I said So, and so shall it be Done (1 Kings 17:1) this will manifest expeditiously. These words will not fall to the ground, because I walk and live in Universal Success and Hemispheric Faith. This I Declare of the Lord in Jesus name Amen. P®OPEL Kingdom Dimension Bible(PKDB) #PropelKingdomDimensionBible #IAmARuby #GodInMeRealm #REWOP #PropellingintotheExospheres #JubileeJune #inspiration #motivation #life #universe #wealth #wisdom #miracles #quantumleap #millionairemindset #uplifting #entrepreneur #socialmedia #millionaire #God #faith #prosperity #abundance


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