One act of Love and Kindness Revelation!

One of the most revelational movies to me, I think everyone should see, if they want to let go their old hurt, is The Grinch I think every adult need to see this movie. This movie is one of 2018 best. This movie will make you forgive anyone from your childhood, adulthood, and even yourself. For 53 years Mr. Grinch was holding on to his childhood rejection, abandonment by his father and mother, hurt, pain, disappointments, insecurities, low self-esteem, bitterness, anger, rage, hate, tyranny, and fear. New Year after the new year, he was still that little boy on the inside, it made his heart small and stony. He was numb, cold, mean, rude, and did not care about others. He isolated himself in a cave for 53 years, the only friend he had was his loyal dog named Max, and because he was feeling sorry for himself, he could not see how devoted and dedicated max was to him. He was extremely rich, yet he was lonely, cruel and nasty. This childhood root that was planted as a seed in him as a child, made his characteristic so damaging, that he did see nothing wrong with him. In his mind, he thought it was the other people and not him. I pray someone is getting a revelation to off this breakdown. Because he was not happy, he did not want anyone around him to be happy, and he did everything in his power, to try to sabotage everyone else. He almost succeeded in ruining everyone lives. However, one act of love and kindness touched his heart. Read and Mediate on(Jer 31:3) One hug, one conversation, one encounter, one word of encouragement, one motivational word, one inspirational push, one person generosity, one person story, and one individual(a little girl) transformed his mind, heart, soul, and spirit. This one Divine power of Love, Words, and touch transformed his life to let go of his pass, and walk and live in his future. Right then and there God created him a new clean heart. Read and Meditate on(PS 51). Do not allow your childhood, your past, or 2018, affect your present and future? It does not have the right to live in you anymore, let it go now, and move forward in Shalom(God's Peace). Agape #IAmARuby #PropelKingdomDimensionJournal #IAmARuby30for30 #GodInMeRealm #REWOP #publisher #ministrylife #PropellingintotheExospheres #JoyfulJanuary #ApostleTeyshanaWiley #WealthlisticTriuneFinancial #HandsOfBlessings #HarvestGodKingdom #inspiration #motivation #onlineclass #universe #wealth #wisdom #onlineministry #quantumleap #success #onlinemoney #socialmedianetwork #millionairemind #God #faith #prosperity #abundance #nonprofitlife

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