Live the Life you Desire!

Live the life you have always dream of; be fearless in the face of adversity. Never stop learning. Use your gift of dreams and visions, whenever possible. Recognize the beauty that surrounds you. Always remember where you came from; however, do not lose sight of where you are going. Be the Architect of your own destiny God has the Purpleprint already laid out just for you. Walk in Ultra Victory. Expect the suddenly, and expect the great. There is a great Increase coming your way. Bonanzas are knocking at your door, open it up and let them in. Have a Royal Palace mentality. Know that all DREAMS do manifest. (I am inheriting my Joseph Favor)! Dreams, always do come true. I am Anointed, the way I have always visualize, and dream I would be Anointed. I am laying hands on the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, speak in unknown languages, and give unto others, the way God has chosen me too.

I am humbled, the way Jesus said I can be humbled, and exalted. I am going to do greater works, the way Jesus had spoken and written I can do. I am going to make history, make moves, make ministry, make millions, make miracles, and make millennium manifestations, the way the word of God, promise I can. I am obtaining the Abundance of knowledge, Peace, Joy, and Rest, the way my Abba Father declare I can. I am living the life, that I have dreamed.

•I am traveling to the places, I have always wanted to travel. I am living in the house, I have always wanted to live in. I am meeting the people, and have connections with the people, I have always wanted to connect with. I am driving, and owning the car, I have always wanted to own. I am teaching, speaking, and empowering the people, I have always wanted to teach. I am writing the books, I have always wanted to write. I am a Multi-Millionaire, and I have the Finances, millions, and money, I always wanted to possess. I am in love with the person, of my dreams, that I have always wanted to be in love with. I am seeing my children, be successful and Prosperous, the way I have always wanted them to be. I am healthy, wealthy, and wise, the way I have always wanted to be Healed. I am an Extraordinary Phenomena, and everything I do is Prosperous and successful. My spiritual perception of my life are Shifting right before my eyes, just like Joseph(Read Genesis 41:42-47)Not one word will fall to the ground, in Jesus name I Decree Amen

•P®OPEL Kingdom Dimension Bible(PKDB)

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