It is Here!

God is unloading a fulsome of SuperAbundant Miracles and Marvels into our lives. This next transaction will happen Suddenly: Quickly, Unexpectedly, Immediately, Instantaneously, and Unexpectedly.

(Decree this over your life) I am Established in God's Kingdom and I Am EXCEEDINGLY Great in everything I put my hands too. It is written: Solomon son of David established himself firmly over his kingdom, for the Lord his God was with him and made him exceedingly great. (2 Chron 1:1) I Am Walking in Greatness, I am a Champion for change, and I Am a Kings Kid and I obtain Wealth, Health, Love, Prosperity, Shalom, and Extraordinary Favor my entire life. 

This  next WAVE(Wisdom Anoints Victory Everyday and Wealth

Automatically Value Everything: Proverbs 8:18) is a Bounteous move of God in the 3rd quarter. This is when the 3rd Dimensions of the Heavens, will stash and deposit the Kingdom promises in the Infinity One lives. The Tesseract is opening up the 4th parallel Dimensions of the Heavens, Kingdom, Universe, and the Spirit. These portals are realms that are Shifting you into a Sumptuous place in every area of your life(All four corners of the Universal Dimensions, has been opened).

Expect Restoration, Revival, Renewal, Regeneration, Royalties, Riches, Rubies, Replenishment, and Righteousness, not one word will fall to the ground because the Apostolic Anointing said so Amen so BE IT. 

#PlatinumRubyHair #IAmARuby #REWOP #GodInMeRealm #MillionaireMillennium

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