I Am A Ruby Network Video!

If you have any questions, or would like to be a part of our social media Network Community.

Go to www.iamaruby.com leave a comment below, and we can talk to you about all the services that we provide.

Our Mission is to Educate to Empower to Enhance to Equip, Men and Women; which will awaken their gifts, goals, plans, dreams, and talents, into embracing their walk-in Success, Excellence, and Prosperity. We are equipped, with an online magazine, online radio station, online movies/videos, online clothing eBeta shop, online blogs, online book publishing, online university, online high-school, online workshops, online businesses, online webinars, and much more, to enhance men and women to walk in success, wealth, healing, and prosperity. 


       Builders of the Kingdom of God through the 13 keys:


                                    Faith                            Teaching

                                   Encourage                   Empower

                                    Equip                           Uplift

                                    Motivate                      Cultivate

                                                Spread Love    Fellowship

                                                            Fun      Entrepreneurship

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