Faith is Fabulousity!

•Faith is just like a Notification, that we get from Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin, when someone posted on our pages. If God just posts something on our status(record). It is up to us to respond to the notification that was posted on our status. It is up to us to walk in the ‪‎Kingdominion‬ ‪‎Word‬ of our Faith on Purpose. 

•Our faith is the state of fact, that God will manifest every single line, noun, verb, adjective, precept, and document in his word. It will ever fall to the ground or return to him void. His word will ever not demonstrate, it will find us no matter where we are, and it will move just as it has been spoken.  Faith is documented proof that God is breath, oxygen, the most powerful energy,  Kingdom source, and his word will be living and active in our lives. All we have to do is speak it, decree it, have faith in it, and watch it come to pass. Remember, you have not because you ask not (see James 4:2). Jesus states: "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find!

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