Everything Is Completed!

It will happen quick and convenient for you!

Everything you have been praying about, and asking God for, is already inside of you. You have the Power, Limitless Understanding, and Authority, to Manifest it. Did you know that Wisdom is a Creator and Life-Giver? Read and meditate on(Prov 8: 22-36). From this moment on start walking, knowing, and feeling that everything you desire is already done. Jesus said it best: They can’t say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘There it is!’ You see, the kingdom of God is within you(Luke 17:21 NOG).” #PlatinumRubyHair

Do you need a Big HUG(Heaven Unlimited Gifts, His Ultimate Gift, and His Unparalleled Grace)? It is Written: Because of the El of your father who helps you, because of the Shadday who gives you blessings from the heavens above, blessings from the deep springs below the ground, blessings from breasts and womb(Gen 49:25 NOG). #PropelKingdomDimensionBible

#IAmARuby #REWOP #GodInMeRealm #MayillionaireMillennium

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