Dimension Realm of Rakia!

Blessings RPELF, these last 4 days of this Jubilant month, God is unleashing the 2nd Dimensional Realm of the Heavens Rakia(Hebrew for Paradigm Atmospheric Shift) in the universe. Yes, there is more than one heaven(Read 2 Corinth 12:2). This shift is for anyone who is FOCUSED(Faith Opens Chosen Unlimited Successful Empowerment Doors). God has set everything in the firmament of the heavens, the moment he said Light Be in(Gen 1). This dimension is when you leave completely from where you are, and God take your spirit into the orbits, horizons, cosmos, to the stars, sun, moon, planets, outer space, and the whole solar system. This is when our heavenly bodies(spirits) move in their prescribed orbits(supernatural dimensional realms) this allow us to see God, and understand him in an astronomical twilight way. This allows us to maintain a relationship with God, in the way Dr. Albert Einstein knew him. In the way, Sir Isaac Newton knew him. Rakia is simple for us to tune into, however, we are not taught about this at school, local facility, and place of worship. In addition, we do not how supernatural it is. We tap into the constellations, galaxies, and solar troposphere, every day and do not know it. Rakia is the dimension of the heavens, where we can see with our eyes daily. Rakia is what the Patriarch Joshua walked in when he said to the sun be still over Gibeon, and moon be still over Ashkelon, I have to win this battle and I am a champion and all I do is win(Read Josh 10). Are you ready to walk in Rakia on tonight? Agape: #IAmARuby #IAmARuby31for31 #GodInMeRealm #REWOP #publisher #advertisements #PropellingintotheExospheres #JubilantJuly #ApostleTeyshanaWiley #WealthlisticTriuneFinancial #HandsOfBlessings #HarvestGodKingdom #inspiration #motivation #life #universe #wealth #wisdom #miracles #quantumleap #millionairemindset #uplifting #entrepreneur #socialmedia #millionaire #God #faith #prosperity #abundance


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